Pulse for Consultation

   It is through the different parts of the body to touch the pulse, to observe the change of the pulse of the pulse method. Also called sphygmopalpation, feeling the pulse, pulse, pulse. The formation of the pulse is closely related to the Zang Fu Qi and blood. If the Qi and blood of the viscera is diseased, the blood circulation will be affected, and the pulse is changed.
   The changes in the pulse condition are related to the disease’s position, nature and the rise and fall of the disease, and the position of the disease.Shallow in the table is floating pulse, deep in the disease in the pulse; the nature of the disease is cold is slow pulse, heat pulse number; evil Sheng veins, veins is deficiency of vital qi deficiency. As a slow pulse, is gradually to more complex stomach disease omen; long pulse, is more dangerous when Xie Sheng is bad. Exogenous fever, the heat gradually retreat, the pulse appears to ease, will be the better, if the pulse is urgent, irritable, the disease.
There are 3 kinds of pulse taking method:
(1) The examination method. Palpation sites are head, hand and foot three (see three nine).
(2) The three part of the main method. The police, Renying Cunkou, Fuyang three pulses. The twelve people in the Cunkou Hou, Hou Ying, Fuyang divided stomach, also with foot Shaoyin (Taixi) in kidney syndrome.
(3)The Cunkou diagnostic method. The examination of wrist radial artery location, diagnosis method and three pulse method has been rarely used, only in critical diseases and hands veinless when examining Renying, Fuyang, Taixi, to determine the survival of kidney qi of stomach.
   In order to treat the disease effectively, we must first have the correct diagnosis. There are more and more methods to diagnose diseases by the achievements of modern medicine in the use of science and technology. But in ancient times, a doctor mainly rely on eye, ear, nose, smell, touch and other methods. This is almost the same in many countries in the ancient world, and all countries have their own rich experience.