Pearl Health Centre

Inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine culture

Inherit the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and carry forward the quintessence of the quintessence.

How about Pearl Health Centre?

Pearl Health Centre is devoted to inheriting the traditional Chinese medicine, promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, and exploring the path of the internationalization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

We should inherit and carry forward the culture of Chinese medicine, popularize the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in curing diseases, health and health care, and strive to be professional and dedicated.

What services does Pearl Health Centre provide?

Pearl Health Centre was established in Toronto, Canada in 2006, and has been established to serve a thousand patients. Pearl Health Centre Provides the following service that promotes the overall health and well-being by using alternative Chinese medicine techniques.

Services include Acupuncture, Tuina (Massage Therapy), reflexology(Foot Massage),Cupping And Scraping. A approach that blood circulation, Boosting and strengthening the immune system without relying on drugs that has potential side effects.TCM Foot Reflexology,Include the following ,Herbals foot bath,Head massage,Shoulder massage,Foot reflexology,Back massage.

What diseases does Pearl Health Centre treat?

The establishment of Pearl Health Centre has been praised by the vast majority of patients and has become a famous clinic in Toronto with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine.The clinic has many years of experience, using traditional Chinese medicine formula.

The clinic has many years of experience, using traditional Chinese medicine formula. Targeted treatment has a significant effect.Targeted treatment has a significant effect.Main treatment:Special help of various types of pain,Frozen shoulder,neck & back painSciatica, bruises,Diabetes, hypertension,Exzema, Skin disease,And more… ...