What are the benefits?

Of this therapy, it is highly appreciated not only for its effect, but also for its being simple in portable instruments. Moreover, it is easy in operation, devoid of trouble in medication and injection, saves medical charges, and avoids the side-effects which some other drugs may bring about.

Traditional Chinese medicine formula

30 years of clinical experience in treating:Special help of various types of pain,Frozen shoulder,neck & back pain,Sciatica,bruises,Diabetes,hypertension,Exzema,Skin disease.And more………..

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  • The prescription of traditional Chinese medicine is very good. After a few courses of treatment, I had cured my skin disease. Thanks a lot.
    Jennifer Lee
  • Pear Health Centre is rich in traditional Chinese medicine. The doctor was very responsible and prescribed different drugs for the different periods of my illness.Remarkable effect.
    Brandon Ross
  • The position is very good;the environment is neat;the doctor is very good! Although Chinese style massage is very painful,  it is very comfortable later.
    Sara Wright